Did the neighborhood loop this afternoon. I was playing with MyTracks/GPS on my phone to track my route and upload it to google. Unfortunately the GPS cut out during the last mile and didn’t record. Not too sure if it was a phone issue or location. There’s a large broadcasting tower near my house so it could be blanketing the GPS signal or maybe my phone just cut out for the battery or some other reason.

Anyway,the run felt good, if not even a little slow. I attempted to keep my heart rate under 166, and was able to do so for half the workout. I think that pretty good giving the constant rolling hills in the neighborhood and my lack of conditioning. The data points are as follows: 846 calories burned, 30% fat, average heart rate was 166, in zone for 24′ 48″ of the 50′ 08″ spent running. Link to the map can be found in my Twitter post or go to the google link directly. To complete the loop, go from the endpoint and continue on George Mason to Lee Highway and take a left. Continue to Kensington and turn left. Run one block to the start point. Should be ~4.5 miles.