Just got home from today’s swim workout. It was something like 800 yards Z2 (I used pull buoy & paddles), 2x (4×100 yards – #1,2,3 catchup, #4 swim), 4x (4×50 yards – #1,2 Z2, #3,4 Z3), and then 8×50 IM order – kick down, swim back. We got everything done except the last two 50s of the IM set. I skipped 100 of the 800 due to lappage, 50 yards of a 100 due to side stitch, and two of the 50 IM kick down/swim back due to a funny pull on my ankle during the last 50-Z4. I’m not too happy about all the yardage I missed, but it feels good to get back in the water.

I didn’t get much sleep last night

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. At about 1 or 1:30 I finally fell asleep and then at 4am I was wide awake for swim practice. I’m happy that I was up for swimming, but this is going to make for a long day. My schedule is loose enough that I could take a nap now, but I’d rather try and enjoy a morning for once rather than sleep it all away. Besides between various projects and cleaning/packing the office I have plenty of stuff that needs to get done (one of which is changing the theme of this website).