Went out for a run this evening and I felt great. I did the neighborhood loop again, but with shortcut options 1 (turn left on Sycamore to get to Washington) and 2 (turn up Harrison instead of George Mason). The shortcuts remove about half a mile making it a 4 mile run. I decided to keep it slow and force myself to recover if my heart rate gets over 166. I’m not too sure if 166 is the threshold of my Z2 heart rate, but I’m going to get my VO2 max tested on Monday. Likely my target range for Z2 is going to move. I may not like the results, but it will give me better results to train in my actual Z2 than to train in a perceived Z2.

Anyway, here’s the data for today’s run: 3.99 miles of rolling hills. Total run time was 44’15” and i was in zone for 37′ 04″. Average heart rate was 161, 686 calories burned, 35% of which was fat. Average speed was 5.44 mph, max speed was 7.27mph. Gained 475 feet of elevation with a minimum grade of -11.4% and a max grade of 12.5%. Here’s a link to today’s run.