So, after four years of knowing I needed a VO2 max test, I finally got one done. The test was pretty simple, run on a treadmill for 20 minutes starting out at a warm up pace (4.4mph), and every minute the pace is increased by 0.2 mph. After 15-16 minutes the incline also increases by 1% each minute

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. The breakdown of my zones are as follows:

Zone Min Max
Zone1 137 147
Zone2 148 158
Zone3 159 170
Zone4 171 180
Zone5a 181 184
Zone5b 185 189
Zone5c 190 & higher

I was shown more data in regards to O2 consumption, lactic threshold, and so forth, but I don’t seem to have the data sheet. With these numbers, I should have a good starting point for zone base training. Already I can see that I’ve been doing most of my runs in zone 3, despite trying to keep my heart rate low. 158 bpm is ridiculously low and I not sure how I’m going to maintain that without walking… well, 4.4mph was in that range after 15 minutes of warm up. Hopefully after some time running, I’ll be able to quicken the pace without having to break Z2.