Sorry for the prolonged absence. The lack of posts does not reflect a lack of activity, it’s more of a result of a flurry of events. Since my last post I have moved, started a new relationship, raced two sprint triathlons, did a handful of long bike rides, changed my work schedule, visited my parents, and many other things that I can’t seem to recall at the moment. Suffice to say, it’s been a busy couple of months and the craziness doesn’t look like it will relent any time soon.

Next week I will be racing my first half-ironman. I still don’t feel prepared to race competitively. I feel like I can finish the course, but only if I stay in zone 2 the whole time–no pushing my limits or being competitive, only working on the minimal effort to get across the finish line. I feel slightly disappointed by this as it goes against my competitive nature to take it easy during a race, but I don’t feel ready to maintain zone 3 or 4 for 70 miles. Of course I may never be able to maintain that level of effort for a half-iron distance, but it’d be nice to push during parts of the race. *sigh*

Instead of bitching I should be running.