I figure now would be the best time to start recording my progress towards IMFL since I’m more or less beginning my training right about now. Sure, I’ve already done a few swims, bikes, and runs this year; but I’ve just got over a two week cold that halted all training. Tonight I started the evening with a trip to Starbucks, an hour coaching swim practice, and then a Yuengling and a large helping of wings. Now properly (or improperly) fueled, I decided to do my run workout. I started ruffly 20 minutes past midnight and ran for 43′ 25″ on a 3.5-4.5 mile course of rolling hills. Average heart-rate was 181 bpm, and estimated calories burned was 840 (20% being fat).

I was probably well over my zone for the entire run, but the pace and effort felt good. I’m still debating if I should strictly stay to Z2 training during the run even if I find it physically painful on my legs or to stay with a good stride even if it keeps me out of zone. The desired is to have a comfortable stride in Z2, but until I get in shape and loose some weight, it’s unlikely to happen.