Found some of my old writing while clearing out My Documents. I thought it was funny, so I’m sharing.

2010.02.19 Friday 05:04:41 EST

Another day, another exercised of futility.

What a waste, I hate this fucking job.

Why can’t my position be involved in a project that creates a paradigm shift in culture and society, or at least a shift in technology? Why must it be crunching the same numbers, filling out the same old reports that your boss has already memorized and no longer reads, and chasing the same fires that are created each week to only get set aside for next week’s crisis? Hell, if I have to do that boring shit, can’t I at least get to work on giant war robots or starships or something?

I feel like I’m Untitled Minion 51 in some anime, except I don’t get equipped with powered armor and an assault rifle. Nor is the world facing a menacing post-apocalyptic scenario that my organization has the only preventable solution. If it were such an anime, I’m sure I wouldn’t even qualify for the title of minion. I’m more likely Slaughter Victim 241 or Collateral Damage Casualty 575

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. My position is so insignificant, my whole department is only one line on the company’s organizational chart. We’re so insignificant we have to share an office supplies budget with the janitorial staff, a parts supplies budget with the motor pool mechanics shop, and a staffing budget with the in house building maintenance department. How the hell do you think you’ll attract material engineers when they see a recruitment letter with a Building Maintenance Department letter head?

Oh shit…. got to go

Another freaking coolant leak on the secondary reactor on Unit 014. Hurray for the second round of futility.